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This reading occurred at a public Afternoon of Mediumship demonstration at Tumbetin Spiritual Centre Inc in late 2017.

" I was sitting there, not really taking in what Ray was saying when my ears pricked up . Ray was describing a female who had a scar on her face .

This was caused when she was in a car accident on a country road. Ray went on to say she had surgery and rehab .

I then realized it could be my old school friend .

I said to Ray , I think you are talking about my friend Gayle .

He said she just wants to ask you to forgive her .

I told him , I had lost contact with her years ago , but didn,t

know she had died . We had a falling out .

I told Ray it was my birthday that week and Gayle had been on my mind .

I did some searching and found Gayle had died earlier
that year .

signed Mal C