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You may like  to try our distant healing service .

Distant Healing (sometimes called Absent Healing )

can be transmitted over any distance .

Requests for healing for yourself , a loved one 

or even an animal can be made by telephone 

or email and we will ask for help to be given through

 the healing directive .


May I be thankful for all the blessings

I already have .

Grant me relief from pain and sickness.

Protect me from all ills and grant me

health in the days to come .

Remove all causes of imperfection and 

bring Thy Healing Ministers close to me

that I may be conscious of their presence 

and so receive guidance and inspiration.

Grant me courage and fortitude to 

overcome all adversity.

Let me be conscious of Thy strength

in all times of need .

Grant me confidence to overcome my 

my fear and not to anticipate harm.

Lead me how to live rightly in Thy 

sight , to do only that which is 

right and true .

I pray that good guidance and right 

influencing will aspire all Thy people 

to be as brothers  , one to the other 

and that peace shall endure for all time .